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Street Cats 2

2008-03-12 22:31:02 by Cryomancer

For those of you that enjoyed Street Cats - Episode 2 is well under way. I'm not going to give too much away but its going to be split into two parts.
It involves one of the cats being electricuted by a hair drier, another appearance from bruces wiggly toy and more money making antics!

The first episode was a short(ish) script to get everyone used to the characters. It meant we could open a lot more options for future episodes without dragging them out with lengthy character profiling, as i said, episode 2 is long enough as it is!

We're also thinking about starting a series of short episodes since full length episodes will take a lot longer. I know how boring it is waiting for more content from a series you like, so this should bridge the gap a little!

Let me know what you think!

~ Cryomancer.


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2008-03-13 00:40:22

I liked the first episode it was good and looking forward to the 2nd. Hit me up if you ever need any help with art and animation.