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Street Cats

2008-03-02 17:07:10 by Cryomancer

I'm currently working on a new project called 'Street Cats' which I hope to have finished within the next few weeks.

Its basically about three cats living in a run down back alley and their aspirational quest to acquire wealth, but of course it always ends up with them back where they started.

I'm working very closely with Sephor Rud (who voice acts in it) and we've co-written a pretty good first script.

~ Cryomancer.

Street Cats


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2008-03-03 05:54:42

Yes, I plan to work very closely on this project with you. Will be good fun!


2008-03-02 17:12:35

I look forward to the final product. :)

Cryomancer responds:

Thanks man.


2008-03-11 01:47:09

I just watched street cats. I cant wait until the next episode, i rated it 5. Nice job.

Cryomancer responds:

Thanks Dude, The first was kind of an introduction to the characters. The next one should be a lot better. Keep an eye out! :D